Mum reveals the main thing she REALLY hates about other parents at soft play – and it seems she’s not alone | The Sun

IT’S difficult enough to discipline your children to make sure they behave well especially when they are out in public. 

But what do you do when someone else hasn’t disciplined their child?

One mum confessed she was faced with this problem when a child hit her son at soft play. 

So the savvy mum decided to get some revenge. 

Though some people think her revenge was petty, many parents say they would have done the same thing. 

Sarah Paton shared how she got her cheeky revenge in a TikTok video online. 

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The mum decided to hide the shoes of the child who hit hers in an attempt to cause their mum stress. 

And of course Sarah left the child's mum wondering where the shoes had gone without uttering a word. 

Sarah said: “To the wain [wean] who hit my wain [wean] at soft play. A [I] hope your mums still looking for your shoes a [I] stashed.”

Sarah described her actions as: “Savage.”

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The mum’s video racked up over 280,000 views. 

Surprisingly many people agreed with the mum saying they would do the same thing. 


One user confessed: “A kid once hit my son two days before Xmas at soft play so I found her and told her santa wasn't coming to her, she ran away crying haha.”

Another said: “I woulda took one so they never found it.” 

“Hahahahahahahaha I’d actually do that as well ahahahaha,” a third viewer confessed. 

A fourth parent confessed: “I literally roared when I seen a big kid hit my toddler in the face, the whole place went quiet.”

But not all parents agreed with the mum’s methods, others claimed her actions were childish. 

One user said: “A kid was being a kid so the adult decided to be one as well.”

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“Oft harsh,” said a second user. 

A third user called Sarah’s actions: “Awww… passive aggressive…”

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