Mum shares easy money-saving hack and all you need is a wallet organiser

IT can be tricky saving money when there are so many things to pay for in life, but one mum has come up with an easy hack that could help you stick to a budget.

Savvy mum Leeann said she swears by using a wallet organiser to help you put money aside. 

She shared on Facebook how she labels up the different pouches for areas of her life, such as “self care” and “groceries”. 

All you need to do is work out at the beginning of each month how much you have to spend in each area, and put the money in each section.


You basically allocate yourself a dedicated amount to the wallet to live off – and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Leeann explained: “I saw this on Etsy and I love the idea of it, has anyone here used this system of having different envelopes and putting cash away?

“Would love to hear your opinions on if you think it would be beneficial. 

“I have separate accounts but I hate seeing available funds in there because to be honest it’s just so tempting and easy to ‘pay it back later’.”

While she picked up her wallet organiser online, you can do it yourself with envelopes or buy your own cheap pouches. 

And it could be perfect for saving up for Christmas presents too.

She added: “You can have wallets for regular things like groceries, self-care and entertainment and then easily add in extra ones for less regular things like Christmas or holidays, putting in a little each month in the build up.”

Many people were quick to praise her saving trick, with one writing: “I do this. Hubby gets paid monthly so every month pull out of the bank our spending money (food, fuel, spendings, birthdays,) and budget them out for the month. It helps me so much to budget our money.”

Another added: “I have different colours for different things but that folder is cool.”

A third commented: “I never carry cash these days but I like the idea.”

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