Mum shows off amazing timber gazebo she built in a week – and says it's so easy ‘anyone can do it’

A MUM has shown off the amazing timber gazebo she built in her garden in a week – and said it's so easy "anyone can do it".

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, the woman said she's been dreaming of a gazebo "for a long time" – but couldn't justify paying £200-£300 for something which wouldn't last.

So she decided to make her own version from scratch, using £360 worth of timber. She now has a stylish covered seating area, with a log burner and BBQ.

Showing off the finished job, she said: "Extremely happy with the outcome.

"Only took just over a week to complete it no fancy power tools or experience. DIY job that anyone can do".

She added: "I’d been wanting a gazebo for a long time but couldn’t justify paying 200-300 for a pop up one or a flimsy aluminium framed one.

"We wanted something that would last us from summer to summer. So we set about building one from scratch. It cost a total of £360 for all the timber."

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