Mum shows off whopping Aldi haul which will feed her family for days but only cost a tenner

ALDI is one of those stores that we go into expecting only to buy a single item… and the next thing we know, we've walked out with half of the shop.

Well it turns out, we're not alone – as one mum has shown off her enormous £10 haul after she only went in for milk.

Posting on the Facebook group Feeding Your Family on a Budget, the mum proudly showed off her huge food shop which will feed the kids for days.

At first, the mum thought she'd go to a local store for milk and use the leftover cash on some treats for the family.

She wrote: "We needed milk and I had a tenner and some change..was going to pop to the local shop which would have meant I got milk and a few odd treats for the money.

"I decided to nip to Aldi instead and just look what £10.16 gets you!"

For just over £10, the mum bought four frozen pizzas, two packs of instant noodles, a loaf of bread, some chocolate biscuits, white chocolate, apples, butter and four pints of whole milk.

The post has racked up over 2,000 "likes" in the group – and members were amazed by how far her tenner went.

One replied: "Worth the trip for sure!"

Another added: "Those pizzas are lovely!"

A third gushed: "Well done you!"

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