Mum shows off whopping socks haul for her family but people spot a glaring error which will make laundry day a nightmare

AS a mum of seven buying socks might seem like a never ending chore, which is one this savvy shopper decided to stock up.

But after sharing her massive haul online, people pointed out a glaring error which will no doubt make laundry day a nightmare.

You see, her husband pointed out the error when she returned home so she was keen for more opinions.

Her husband reportedly took aim at the different coloured socks she picked up, insisting it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Having different coloured socks means you have to worry about trying to keep them as a pair.

And matching socks each time you do the washing is certainly something all households struggle with.

The alternative is having multiple pairs of the same socks, plain coloured ones perhaps, so you can easily match them up on laundry day.

"My wife and I own like 10-12 pairs of the exact same sock (admittedly, I have massive feet, so it's a good thing she likes big socks) so we never have to wear odd socks or go hunting for the appropriate other-sock," he clarified online.

And it appeared he wasn't the only one using the fool-proof method, according to Mail Online as many others do it too

"I buy the same style and brand for everyone in my family. Kids have the same, I have my own, so does the husband. That way I know who owns what," one mum said.

At the beginning of the school year I brought 50 pairs of the exact same socks and its made things much easier.

"At the beginning of the school year I brought 50 pairs of the exact same socks and its made things much easier," said another.  

A third woman said she buys twenty pairs of sock all in the same colour and size which means "no more trying to match pairs."

Many others complained about their kids always losing half the socks they own, and we can seriously relate.

One mum admitted she must have "at least 500+ odd socks" and another joked that her kids "just scatter them around the neighbourhood."

She added: "Once they come off there feet you'll never find both socks again.(sic)"

While many liked the savvy idea, others remained hesitant and insisted socks will will disappear regardless of what you do.

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