Mum slammed as ‘dangerous’ for using scissors on her kids while they slept for Elf on the Shelf prank

ELF on the Shelf can be a fun opportunity to get your kids excited for Christmas.

But for this mum, she may have upped the elf's naughty antics a little too much.

Julissa, a mum-of-five, shared footage of her using scissors to cut holes in her children's pajamas as they slept toTiktok,

The video has 19.5million views and carries a warning that 'the action in this video could result in serious injury.'

In the11 second video she shows herself using scissors to cut at her young children's pyjamas, then their elf 'Cookie' with the cut-out fabric scraps and a sign that reads: "I was cold and couldn't find a blanket, I hope you don't mind."


A lot of commenters were concerned about the children getting hurt, as one said: "Is anyone else cringing thinking that they are going to cut their skin also!??!" and many others agreed with her.

Julissa explained in the comments: "I have 5 kids, and it’s only the shirts CHILL, I have three boys so close in age anyone ever heard of HAND ME DOWNS?"

"Even the baby is wearing hand-me-downs from my niece!"

As for where she got the inspiration for the prank, Julissa explained: "Also the one in green cut his shirt that day so he gave me the idea."

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Many viewers branded her idea as 'dangerous' and many felt it 'don't feel right' while some found the prank 'amusing.'

"I would be terrified of the elf of the shelf as a child if i knew he was cutting up my clothes in my sleep jesus christ." Said one viewer.

"The way this would’ve permanently scarred me as a child," admitted a commenter.

One realised: "That’s one way to install fear into a child."

"Ohhhh nooo!!! Poor kids… they will be traumatized," worried another.

One parent said they: "Had to swear to my children that their elf would never come near their rooms. They were so scared if that thing. This would have ruined them."

Another parent added that: "MY KID WOULD FREAK OUT!!!!!!!"

Some worried about the wasted pyjamas saying: "I must be poor because I would neverrrrr."

"Bruh I dont have the money to be cutting up good clothes like that." Said another as many joked about telling the kids to wear their 'cheap' pajamas to bed.

Another thought it would upset the kids because they may have liked their pyjamas saying: "I would have cried expcally if it was my favorite pair"

One was also concerned with Julissa's technique, saying: "You’re scaring me how you’re just cutting them without lifting the section before cutting. Luckily you didn’t cut skin."

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