Mum transforms £3.50 Tesco cake into incredible hedgehog design using extra icing and chocolate buttons – The Sun

LET'S face it – as much as we love a plain supermarket birthday cake when we're strapped for time, there's no denying that they can be a little boring… except for Colin the Caterpillar obviously.

However, one savvy mum-of-two has revealed how she transformed an ordinary £3.50 chocolate sponge from Tesco into a hedgehog-inspired masterpiece in just 20 minutes – and all she used was some extra icing and chocolate buttons.

Rebecca Adshead Williams, from Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester, shared her genius (and surprisingly easy) method on her Instagram page Becki's Home.

After spotting a hedgehog design online, Rebecca decided it would be the perfect showstopper for her 40th birthday party this weekend.

She told Fabulous Digital: "I saw on advertised in a local supermarket but they were out of stock everywhere."

After exhausting all the stores near her, Rebecca decided to see if she could recreate the design herself using a plain chocolate sponge, some chocolate icing and buttons for decoration.

How to make Rebecca's hedgehog cake:

  1. Slice the sides off the chocolate sponge
  2. Trim the front of the cake into a triangle to make a nose
  3. Place the sections that have been cut off into the base of the cake
  4. Slather in a thick layer of icing
  5. Add five rows of chocolate buttons on the back
  6. Place two white chocolate buttons on the face for eyes

The mum started by chopping either side of the cake until she was left with a rectangle which would become the base of her hedgehog.

She then trimmed the front into the shape of a triangle for the nose and placed the sides she'd cut off on top of the base.

After she'd perfected the shape, Rebecca slathered the cake in a thick layer of icing before adding five rows of Dairy Milk chocolate buttons along its back.

And just to get all the extra sweet details in, the mum put two white chocolate buttons on the hedgehog's face for the eyes and finished it off with a milk chocolate nose.

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All in all, the amazing transformation only took Rebecca about 20 minutes – and her guests were blown away by her efforts.

She added: "I'm willing to give anything a go and it usually pays off!"

Over on Instagram, Rebecca's 4,600 followers were similarly impressed.

One replied: "Can't stop watching this!"

Another added: "You are so so so talented."

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "Wow – how brilliant."

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