Mum uses SUN CREAM to get permanent marker scribbles off her walls in nifty hack

EVERY parent will know the horror of discovering that your little darlings have used your white walls as a colouring book.

But all is not lost, a savvy mum has revealed how you can remove even permanent marker from your wall using nothing but sun cream.

Taking to TikTok thebastfamily account shared a video of the hack in action, seeing a Sharpie pen wiped clean before your very eyes.

She begins by taking a Sharpie pen and scrawling “I hope this works” on her white wall.

The mum then generously spritzes the pen with sun block, seeing the ink immediately begin to come away from the wall.

She then uses a damp cloth to wipe clean the excess, leaving her wall restored to its former glory.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 2,000 likes from grateful parents.

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