Mum's shock warning after son, three, horrifically burnt by everyday washing product which many British homes have

MANY of us throw a laundry tablet into the washing machine drum without a second thought.

But a 28-year-old mum-of-one from Sussex, has issued a warning after her son was left with horrendous burns when an Ariel 3-in-1 tablet failed to disperse into the washing machine.

Instead, she claims it melted onto the three-and-a-half year old's pyjama sleeve, causing painful burns to the inside of his elbow.

Speaking to Fabulous, the mum-of-one explains: "This weekend my son suffered the most horrendous burn to the inside of his elbow after a laundry tablet (Ariel 3 in 1) failed to disperse into the washing machine.

It instead melted into his pyjama top sleeve, leaving no trace other than the smell and a small bit of plastic on the inside."

It wasn’t until the next morning once the chemicals had burnt his skin to the point even the pyjama material had turned brown from the heat that I became aware, having to literally peel the pyjama material off of his arm."


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And when the horrified mum whisked her son off to her local hospital, she claims staff told her that it wasn't the first time they'd heard of such a story.

"Thankfully we are blessed to have the AMAZING NHS staff at the queen Victoria locally who have been nothing but amazing at treating his burn to his skin," she says.

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"I was informed by the burns unit that unfortunately this is NOT uncommon."

"GOD forbid if this had been a completely new pod or was on the skin of a newborn."

"Thankfully, my son is so very brave."

Now, she wants other parents to be aware of the potential dangers of the laundry tablets.

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"I beg that people boycott these tablets if they have kids (or really at all)," she says.

"There is no warning to this happening on the instructions and so far the company have been less than helpful on the phone."

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She adds: "They came back after three weeks with absolutely no explanation to why it happened and offered me £30 compensation."

"He could possibly be scared for life and we have no explanation – they told me the pods are designed to dissolve quickly. That was all they said."

A Proctor and Gamble spokeswoman said: "Nothing is more important to us than the safety of people who use our products. We were very sorry to hear about this incident, and after connects with the mother, we were happy to learn the child was recovering.”

“Ariel pods comply with all UK regulations and laundry liquid capsules are used safely in millions of homes every day. As a reminder when doing laundry, always put the pod in the drum first to ensure the water will reach the liquid tab and fully dissolve.”

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