My best friend stole my baby name – I was furious at first but everyone loves the ‘replacement’ we picked | The Sun

AN expecting mother has revealed how she got back at a former friend who stole her planned baby name right out from under her.

Instead of getting it back, she found something better.

Finding out that your best friend is stealing from you can destroy the relationship in an instant, and that's exactly what happened to mom Lindsey Brozovich, who has one son and is expecting a second child in early 2023.

She has one regret from her first pregnancy, but she confirmed in a TikTok video she won't be making the same mistake again.

Looking into the camera, Brozovich let her caption – and a viral TikTok sound clip – speak for her.

The caption explained the situation: "When I told my ex-best friend my son's boy name I had picked out and she stole it for her son's name."

Brozovich, filled with regret, lip-synched to the sound clip that summed up her feelings.

"You should've kept that in," she mouthed. "You should've kept that to yourself. Why would you let the whole world know that?"

While Brozovich didn't confirm the shocking situation is what ended the friendship, she said she'd "never ever forget" the conflict.

In the comments section, the young mom revealed the original name: Noah James.

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"My husband was PISSSSSSSED," she told one viewer who couldn't believe how rude the friend had been.

"I wish I was joking," she added in a different comment.

According to Brozovich, her friend tried to compromise.

"She was like, 'You can still name him Noah.' LIKE NO!" Brozovich wrote.

Luckily, the couple had a backup plan. "I decided I wanted something a little more unique so we went with Rowan James," she revealed.

Other parents said they'd encountered similar situations when they were expecting.

"We didn’t tell our last two names for that reason," one mom commiserated.

"That sucks," said one commenter. But then she pointed out a bright side. "I love Rowan James!" she added.

Several commenters agreed, saying that while the friend's behavior was "not cool," there was a bright side.

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"I love his name!" said one of Brozovich's friends.

"Thank you so much babe!" the happy mom wrote back. "Rowan is so much more fitting for him."

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