My boss told me my 'short' dress was 'incredibly inappropriate' and I had to leave – she gave me the 'fingertip rule' | The Sun

A WOMAN shared the absurd dress code that negatively impacted her first day of work.

Selena Vaughn is an emerging indie artist who uses her TikTok platform to promote her music, while also showing the less whimsical side of her life as a corporate worker.

In one TikTok video, Selena wrote: “When I just had to bike 10 miles in the cold for a job training session (that was cancelled) bc my music isn’t famous yet for some reason.”

Selena sat in a chair in her room wearing a black high-neck dress with flowy short sleeves.

“It was cancelled bc the training lady said my dress was ‘inappropriate’ while wearing a pretty modest dress,” she revealed in the caption.

“Truly criminal,” someone commented.

In a follow-up video, Selena was wearing the same dress from earlier, which supposedly broke her company’s dress code.

“Biked 5 miles to a job training only for the trainer to tell me I was dressed ‘incredibly inappropriate,’” she wrote over the video, reiterating her story.

“I had to leave because my dress was too short,” the text continued.

“Like am I the only one who was always told the rule was ‘at least fingertip length’ for schools/jobs???” Selena asked, saying she complied with this.

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She showed the full-length view of her look. The black dress had a tiered skirt that clearly landed below where her fingertips fell.

She rigidly held her hands down and showed off her look from multiple angles, looking confused as she proved that her boss’ reaction was shocking and wrong.

Selena also paired the dress with spider web-like fishnet tights.

“The lady acted like I was a second rate wh*re,” she wrote over the video.

Then she joked in the caption: “How dare she? I’m a first rate wh*re.”

In another follow-up video, she updated her followers that she was still begrudgingly working at that day job since her music hadn’t blown up yet.

In it, for her uniform, she wore a black and white striped fitted crop top and black bottoms with a belt wrapped around her waist.

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