My cheap 'lazy girl' meal helped me lose 70lbs – don't come at me until you've seen the end, it's different every day | The Sun

A TIKTOKER has shared her lazy girl meal prep that changes every day.

She said the super cheap meal prep recipe has helped her lose 70 pounds.

Carol Ann (@the.carol.ann) shared this TikTok recipe with her over 180,000 followers.

She said: “Welcome to meal prep tok where this is lazy girl cheap, there is nothing aesthetic about this video.”

The TikToker laid her three main ingredients onto her kitchen countertop: chicken breast, pre-mixed vegetables, and rice.

Carol Ann started by trimming chicken breasts, and said she cooks the trimmings and gives them to her dog.

Next she boiled the chicken breasts until they were done.

She followed by emptying a pre mixed bag of vegetables onto a sheet pan and added some extra broccoli.

Carol Ann followed by using ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ spray, and added that it is zero calories, then some simple seasonings: salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.

The vegetables should be cooked at 350 degrees until they are done.

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She said: “Don’t come at me and tell me this is flavorless because at the end I put sauce on everything.”

Carol Ann shredded her boiled chicken in a mixer with a paddle attachment then followed by cooking rice.

She weighs her individual portions of chicken and places them into her meal prep containers.

Carol Ann then adds vegetables to all of the boxes, but rice to only some of them.

“Now I can already hear you saying, oh my god that looks so boring I wouldn’t want to eat that every day.

“Now let me tell you how this is the most important part of this whole entire video.”

Carol Ann’s secret was G. Hughes Sugar Free Dipping Sauces.

She said: “I eat a different meal every single time I eat one of these.

“I mix this all up, put sweet chili in it and it’s like it’s the jam.”

Carol Ann offered two other ideas to switch up her meal prep recipe.

“Another day I don’t feel like eating rice I will take this sweet honey sugar free BBQ and put it on this bread and I will have a BBQ sandwich and vegetables.

“Or I will take some chicken put it in a wrap put some honey mustard and some lettuce and some a little bit of pre-made pico, and then I’ve got a chicken wrap.”

Carol Ann’s video received over 690,000 likes, and TikToker’s took to the comments to share their thoughts.

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One commenter said: “This is the only meal prep video I’ve seen that actually seems realistic. Thanks for posting this!”

Another person said: “This is the kind of meal prep I have been waiting for!!”

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