My four-month-old baby’s massive, people say he looks like a full-grown man (and they feel sorry for my wife)

A MAN and his partner have revealed how they've been picked on because of the size of their four-month-old son.

The couple shared the video on the mums TikTok account, cm199227, which has gone viral with over one million views.

In the video, the dad stands in his front room looking glum with the caption: "I've been picked on three times today, all because of the size of my four-month-old.

"Look at the size of him!"

He then holds his son up, who is clearly bigger than an average four-month-old.

The mum wrote in the comments that she and her partner were both average sizes but that she just makes 'massive babies'.

The adorable baby boy has become a hit online and received over 160k likes on the video.

However, people were stunned by how big he was and many commented that he was a full-grown adult and that they felt sorry for the mum.

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One user wrote: "That's no baby, that's a full-grown man with a mortgage, two kids and a successful business! very cute!"

"Sir, that is an adult." Another viewer agreed.

A viewer joked: "He tells you when it's your bedtime."

"That sir…is a 30-year-old with a master's degree in business." The viewer quipped: "Also has a holiday home in Spain and on his second marriage."

"OUCH." Another user exclaimed, adding: "Is all my brain first thought."

"I feel sorry for your wife, rip punnani." said one person to which the mum responded with a video.

She showed her son as a newborn and confirmed that although he was exceptionally tall, he was average weight for a newborn.

But many users agreed he was absolutely adorable one exclaimed: "ARGH LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s so cute!"

"He's literally so so cute!" Another viewer swooned.

A third cooed: "Oh my goodness, absolutely blooming gorgeous!"

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