My husband and I picked the ideal name for our baby girl but people say it's 'stupid' and probably even illegal | The Sun

A COUPLE picked out a unique name for their newborn only to have it slated by people who said it was "stupid" and that the baby would grow up to hate them.

The parent, who went by the name Kaeyede on Mumsnet, asked others what they thought of her original moniker.

The mum-to-be wanted to use a lovely and classic name for her baby but with a unique spelling.

She said: "Me and my partner are thinking of naming our baby Æli, pronounced Ashley (from the ash tree), but of course the 'ae' will get confused for being said as 'ai'.

"You could also say that the 'ai' could work as a decent translation from Japanese since ai means love.

"It's a bit unique, and different so we were hoping for advice on the name, would it be too different or does it sound cute??"

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The name for the Æ symbol is ash, although it is usually pronounced with an "eh" sound.

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the moniker.

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One person said: "She will get called ‘Aeli’ and are the first two letters of her name common for use in electronic and paper forms you will need to fill in throughout her life? Is it even allowed at registration?"

Another said: "But ‘ash’ is the name of the letter/digraph, not how it’s pronounced. It's not ‘different’ and ‘unique’- it’s nonsensical."

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A third said: "If you like the sound of the name Ashley, just call her Ashley? It will save a lot of time in the long run."

While another said: "No one will pronounce that as Ashley – ever. Unless you tell them how to say it.

"That sound is more like Ellie, I would have thought. I also don’t think it’s great to aim for cute when naming a person – just my opinion on that."

Another mum chipped in with: "Of course you can’t call your kid that!

"Put it down to pregnancy hormones and look back on this and laugh after giving your child a normal name. They will hate you if you do this to them."

And someone else said: "The spelling is stupid, sorry, but it is.

"Does it sound cute? Well, you said that you'd pronounce it as Ashley, so no, not that cute. Although Ashley is a nice enough name."

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While another said: "The letter æ is used in the Nordic languages with varying pronunciation, but none of them are "ash".

"Just call her Ashley if you like the name, stop trying to be weird."

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