My husband thinks I'm a natural stunner but I have been getting up early for THREE years to trick him – he's clueless | The Sun

A WOMAN confessed she's been getting up mega early for three years in a bid to trick her husband into thinking she's a natural stunner.

Even though no one really looks like the best version of themselves in the morning anyway, that wasn't good enough for Christie.

The TikTok creator recently shared a clip of her fresh faced applying make-up bright and early.

The beauty guru claimed her partner thinks she doesn't wear any make-up at all, but that's just because she's been getting up at the crack of dawn just to fool him.

Christie showed herself applying a small amount of concealer under hey eyes and on any blemishes, as well as using a contour stick to enhance her cheekbones and make her nose appear more chiselled.

The trick to her husband-fooling look is to keep things a simple as possible – that means no glittery products or unnatural colours.


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She even uses a specific mascara to curl her lashes without making them look suspiciously luscious.

"This mascara curls my lashes without a curler a curler so it looks more realistic," she explained.

A clear eyebrow gel and subtle brown eyeliner makes all the difference without giving up her secret.

"It only takes me 10 minutes to do this then I go back to bed and act like I'm sleeping beauty.

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"I've been doing this for a little over three years now," Christie said.

After completing the look with a dab of lipstick Christie was ready to crawl back into bed next to her clueless beau, her secret still undiscovered.

After sharing the morning make-up tutorial, viewers weren't sure to make of the video, with some people convinced the whole thing was a bit of a joke.

But others said even if Christie wasn't being serious men are still easily fooled when it comes to 'natural make-up' looks.

"I literally wore black eyeliner and a full face of make-up and he thought I didn't have make-up on," one person said of their boyfriend.

Meanwhile, others thought the beauty fan looked stunning before her morning ritual.

One commented: "You're so naturally beautiful anyway, why even bother getting up so early when there's basically no difference?"

"She's so beautiful and doesn't even need it," a second agreed.

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Another wrote: "I'm so lazy I could never, I can barely keep up with my skincare routine as it is."

"What a stressful life waking up early to put on make-up," someone else wrote.

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