My man proposed with a piece of wood made into a ring – trolls say he was too cheap to get a diamond but they’re wrong

A WOMAN has revealed how her fiance proposed to her with a piece of wood made into a ring – and trolls have slammed him as being “too cheap” for a diamond.

Anna Masiello, who posts under @hero_to_0, showed off her ring and said she couldn’t be happier with the sentimental piece.

She explained: “Instead of buying an engagement ring, my partner cut a small piece of the oak tree my parents planted when I was born and made a ring and a little box himself.

“The result is just too cute, low-impact and very meaningful to me.

“Plus I love the way he proposed, simple, intimate and waste-free.”

Anna proudly showed off her wooden ring, and her video has racked up 3.6million views.

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Many people were quick to cruelly slam the proposal piece, and say they wouldn’t have been happy with it.

One TikTok viewer said: “And he couldn’t stick a diamond or ruby on that ring ? Yh no.”

A second commented: “no cause i'd cry.”

And a third continued: “nope.. That guy has convinced you to love a piece of wood” and one woman joked: “nah I'm not putting up with my man and all his ups and downs just to receive a tree ring.”

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However, many people praised the idea.

One wrote: “Honestly this is how it should be, we’re so caught up on materialist things when in reality it should be more meaningful then anything else.”

Another added: “Y’all are so materialistic, she loves it and she’s happy with it . Obviously her fiancé spent time making the ring which makes it more valuable.”

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