My mate’s husband thought their hand wash refilled itself for two years after telling his wife ‘it’s amazing it never runs out’

A WOMAN revealed how her pal's husband believed their hand wash hadn't run out in years – when actually she was refilling it the entire time.

Robyn Schaer, 48, from Ohio, USA, flagged up the issue on her Twitter page.

She wrote: "My friend and her husband lived in an apartment that had a soap dispenser installed on the edge of the kitchen sink.

"When they moved out after two years, he marvelled to her: 'It's amazing how that dispenser never ran out of soap in all this time.'

"Women's work is truly invisible."

She continued: "She never told him the truth. He still thinks wistfully of that amazing, magical soap dispenser they had once."

Her comment went viral with nearly 27,000 people sharing it.

And many women said they totally understood how her friend felt.

One woman wrote: "My ex-husband went back to his mom's house when I left him.

"The last I heard, he's still there, after four years, completely incapable of managing his own s***.

"And this is a dude who was constantly furious with me because he believed I 'never did anything around the house'."

Another commentator teased: "That guy gets around, I was married to him too!"

Nicole Valdez said: "Lol I brought up to my bf when we moved in about him doing his part and helping clean and he said 'it’s just always already clean.'

"My response: 'Well it’s not magical fairies, it’s me!'"

But it isn't just men that fail to appreciate women…

One lady said: "I only found out our toaster oven wasn’t 'self-cleaning' when my husband (then boyfriend) overheard me gushing about it to a friend…."

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