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FOR Jayne Haines and her husband Anthony, money had always been tight.

But all that changed when they made their millions dealing scrap metal – leaving them able to afford a beautiful home, holiday homes and flash cars.

Just when the mum, 50, thought her fortunes had changed for good, she discovered Anthony, 49, was cheating with her best mate. And things continued to go downhill from there.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Jayne, from Risca, South Wales, tells her story…

I got together with Anthony – or Nag as everyone knows him – when I was 18. We were young and money was tight. With a family to feed, we had tough times.

Sometimes I had to hunt down the side of the sofa to scrape enough change together for a pint of milk.

But things slowly started to unravel – and now Jayne's been left with 'nothing'But we were happy. I enjoyed nothing more than gossiping on the doorstep with my best friend Vicky* after we’d dropped the kids off at school.

Our fortunes changed when we set up a scrap metal business in 2002. After a year of hard slog, the money started rolling in.

Suddenly we could afford to buy our first house, drive nice cars and even splashed out on a holiday home abroad.

At the height of our success, the business was turning over more than £1 million. Our property portfolio is worth £500,000.

But we never forgot our roots. Every weekend over the summer, we went to our caravan on the Somerset coast.

We were living the dream but I didn’t forget my loyal friends, so when we needed extra help at work I immediately thought of Vicky.

A year later, when I heard rumours she and Nag were having an affair, I confronted Vicky.

She denied it, eyes wide, and I felt bad for ever suspecting her.

But whatever was going on, our marriage was clearly in trouble.

The penny dropped. Nag and Vicky were together. My husband and best friend of 24 years

As summer 2018 approached, Nag started making excuses not to come to Somerset with me.

I decided to still go alone every weekend, and would would enjoy a glass of wine with Roy Elliot, 42, who'd had the neighbouring caravan pitch to ours for the past six years.

Roy explained he and his partner had split up. He was crushed.

At the end of the summer, I missed Roy's company, so we arranged to go for a coffee.

It started off innocently then, the next thing I knew, we were naked in a hotel room.

I didn’t plan on having an affair, it just happened.

And after a month of sneaking around, I called time on the fling.

Cheating on my husband went against all my morals. I felt guilty and wanted to save my marriage of 32 years.

But I soon realised it was over anyway – and plucked up the courage to end things with Nag.

I stayed in the family home and, weirdly, we were getting on better than ever.

But all that changed when Nag confronted me – Roy's ex had called and told him about the affair.

I’ve lost my home, marriage, best friend and business. My family have disowned me

He was upset, and I don't blame him.

He kicked me out of my home. I even had to give up my beloved caravan.

When news of the affair got out, my friends and family disowned me.

Feeling alone, I turned to Roy and he took me back.

Then, one day, I was driving past Vicky's when I spotted a familiar car parked outside.

A solitary light shone from an upstairs window and the penny dropped.

Nag and Vicky were together. My husband and best friend of 24 years.

I didn't say a word, keeping quiet until Nag asked me to fix his cracked phone screen.

As I read their messages, declaring love for each other, I felt sick.

Nag denied everything, but when I confronted Vicky she admitted it started right after Nag found out about my affair.

I moved out of the family home and into one of our rental properties, and got my beloved caravan back.

When we didn’t have two pennies to rub together, we were happy. Getting rich ruined our lives

But my relationship with Nag was more strained than ever. We constantly argued about money and how we'd separate our finances.

One night, in February, Nag took things even further.

As Roy and I watched TV, a fist came through the window, followed by Nag's head.

Ornaments and photo frames went flying, while blood gushed from his arm and down the walls.

I grabbed my phone to call the police, but Nag reappeared in our kitchen.

He picked up a large kitchen knife and threatened Roy.

Thankfully, Roy managed to get him out of the house and Nag ran off into the night.

The police arrived to take our statements and Roy was arrested at 5am.

In March, he admitted affray and making threats to kill at Cardiff Crown Court.

He was handed a 16 month sentence, suspended for 18 months, and a two-year restraining order was put in place forbidding him from contacting me.

But it wasn’t long before he broke his restraining order – calling me and swearing down the line.

He was taken back to court and sent to jail – but I didn't have much cause to celebrate.

I’ve lost my home, marriage, best friend and business. My family have disowned me.

At my age, I should be enjoying the rewards of all my hard work. Instead I’m left with nothing.

Looking back, I don’t know where it all went wrong. But I think we were happier when we were skint.

When we didn’t have two pennies to rub together, we were happy. Getting rich ruined our lives.

Thankfully, I have Roy now. Without him, I really would have nothing.

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*Vicky is not her real name.

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