My mum teaches four-year-olds and I love judging their names – she’s got one who sounds like a 60-year-old man

A WOMAN recorded her reaction to the names of the children in her mum's new nursery class, and the results were hilarious.

The woman took to TikTok to upload her response as each name was read out loud.

Posting with the handle shayymonet she shared her feelings on names like Bram, Richard and Atticus.

She said: "Reacting to my mom's new pre-schoolers' names, go!"

After checking she was ready, her mum began reading out the names.

She said: "Bram."

To which the woman replied: "Bram?"

The mum said: "Yes Bram. Bram with a B. Bram."

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The daughter said: "Bram. Got it."

They continued: "Emmett." To which she replied: "Ok."

Then: "Atticus." and the woman said: "Uh huh."

Next up: "Richard."

The daughter then burst out laughing: "Richard?! He's four?!"

They continued through the list including Jordan, Annabel, Adele, Alina and Ryan.

At which point the daughter said: "Ok these are boring now."

The mother read out the final name which was: "Everleigh but it's Ever-lay."

To which the daughter replied: "Like l-e-i-g-h-l-m-n-o-p?!"


TikTokers loved the hilarious video and it quickly racked up more than two million views

She captioned the popular clip with: "Another school year, another batch of names to judge."

Fellow TikTokers were torn over her reaction to the name Richard, with some agreeing it was too old and others liking the traditional name.

One commented: "“Richard?! He’s 4?!” No babe he’s a 45 year old father who came back for good measure hahah."

Another said: "Richard is probably a family name or was the name of a relative who passed. it's old fashioned but it's better than some of the other unique names."

A third said: "Why is Richard so funny? I thought the other ones were more ridiculous."

While others chipped in with their own unusual name stories.

One said: "My mum had a girl in her class once called STRAWBERRY."

Another said: "Work at a pool. One fam named their son Artemis. Which sounds cool but they obviously didn’t research the greek goddess… I couldn’t stop laughing."

A third said: "One of my first graders is Robert. Doesnt go by bob or bobby. Robert."

One person added: "I had a Butterfly and a Hummingbird."

While another said: "I had a kid in my class named RAINBOW! She was an absolute doll."

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