Nectar point hack means mum gets £130 worth of Nintendo games for under £26

Gone are the days where an orange in a stocking will suffice – nowadays kids want games, consoles, AirPods, and other tech for Christmas.

The price can really add up, so it’s no wonder plenty of parents are finding new ways to make the most of their money at this time of year.

For Emma Farrell, 42, that’s consisted of a Nectar and coupon hack that saw her getting over £130 worth of Nintendo Switch games with change from £30.

The mum, from Wrexham, North Wales, is a member of the Nectar points scheme, and tends not to spend them throughout the year.

She spotted a deal on the loyalty scheme’s website where £50 in Nectar points could be doubled up to £100 to be spent at Sainbury’s.

Emma also had a coupon that gave her £7.50 off of each £50 spent in store.

She got three Nintendo Switch games for her seven-year-old son, Oliver; Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.

What would have been a spend of 132.97 ended up as just £25.47 thanks to Emma’s trick.

The limited-time Nectar deal is available from today to 19 November to all customers who have over 1,000 points. You can double up a minimum of £5 worth of points up to a maximum of £50, and do so on the Nectar app.

‘I made the most of the offer by using the coupon,’ Emma says.

‘I had it through the post and was saving it for the offer hoping it would stack and it did. I went first thing this morning straight after the school run to make sure I got the games I wanted as they were on Oliver’s Christmas list.’

‘He will be so excited as I kept saying to him that’s a lot on games and I don’t know if Father Christmas will pay that much and I know that without this offer there is no way I would be spending £133 on three games,’ she added.

‘I was super excited that they were all in stock and before I doubled up the points on the app, I went to customer services and asked them to check if all three games were in stock first and couldn’t believe it when they were as my Sainsbury’s only has a relatively small games section.’

Emma then posted her find on bargain community, where it’s been an instant hit with fellow savvy shoppers.

Commenters raved about the deal, with one saying ‘This is brilliant, well worth using this’ and another saying, ‘I’ve just turned 15 pounds into 30 and am going to spend mine on Taste the Difference wine for Xmas… Excellent deal and well worth saving those points up’.

One also had the good sense to advise us all that the deal can also be used on groceries (including wine). So, if you want to stock up for Christmas, now is the time.

As for bargain hunters wishing to use Emma’s handy trick, she says, ‘Find out the games or products you want and make a list with alternatives just in case your chosen ones aren’t in stock. Ask at customer services before doubling up to check as the games are empty cases and they may not have them in the stock room.

‘If there is no stock, ask when they will have more in or if another local store has stock and if they can check. Check your Nectar app for bonus spends and offers all year round to collect the points and keep them for the double up. eBay is also a fab way to collect extra points too.’

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