Off-the-shoulder tops you can keep on while you get your vaccine

With vaccinations being rolled out across the country, it likely won’t be long before you get the call to get your jab (if you haven’t had it already).

When the time comes, you’ll probably have to queue up outside a specially-erected tent and wait your turn, before going through all the usual rigmarole that comes with vaccination.

Although we’re seeing the first flushes of spring, it’s anything but warm out there. Plus, no one wants to have to take their top off in front of other people and hold up the queue.

Enter off-the-shoulder tops and jumpers. This way, you can keep your modesty intact and hardly have to move a muscle while you get your injection.

Full credit for this idea comes from ohchrissavidge on Twitter, who showcased this fetching creation almost purpose-built for vaccines.

Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

Yumi Curves at Debenhams

With picnics allowed again in the next few months, this off-the-shoulder number is screaming to be worn while you sip warm prosecco from a plastic cup.

There will be no tan lines here, and you can easily pull it down slightly to accommodate your jab.

£22.40, Debenhams

Dorothy Perkins at Next

Animal print was huge last season, and it’s not going anywhere just yet.

This zebra-print top has cut-outs exactly where your phlebotomist needs them, and looks cute too.

£30, Next

Nasty Gal

Going with an asymmetric top (or jumper) leaves one arm free for vaccinations at all times.

You can apparently choose which arm is injected, so there won’t be any faffing if you’ve left the ‘wrong’ one out.

£10, Nasty Gal

Reiss at John Lewis

Reiss are the masters of put-together yet relaxed workwear, and this reworked shirt exemplifies that.

You can wear this top again and again, and dress it up or pair with baggy jeans and Birkenstocks.

£135, John Lewis


Show off your collarbones while keeping it covered-up with this perfect transitional jumper.

It’s heavyweight enough to wear on its own once the weather warms up, but light enough that it won’t be at the back of the wardrobe come spring.

£35, Arket

Forever U at Asos

For a ‘going out’ top that you can also get your vaccine in, you can’t go wrong.

The cold shoulder shape means you get to show off your decolletage, just without the worry strapless garments cause (‘have I flashed a nipple?’ for example).

£75, Asos

Boohoo Plus

If you have large boobs or a stomach you’d rather not highlight, you want to point the eye to the bits you want and keep them away from what you don’t.

This bardot-style top is flirty due to the shoulders, but voluminous enough for you to feel comfortable it’s not hugging anywhere you don’t want.

£9, Boohoo


Bear with us, because this top is a real leap of faith, incorporating ruching, leather, and an asymmetrical neckline.

However, broader shoulders can benefit from the shape, and the structured material can take you from your vaccine to the pub (when we’re allowed of course).

£12.99, Mango


A simple staple from Boohoo here, available in colours across the rainbow.

Throw a cord or flannel shacket over the top and you’re good to go for your daily walk and have your vaccine.

£9, Boohoo

Sinead Gorey at Asos

This is half and half a joke and a serious entry here, but can only be pulled off by those who truly have the gumption.

Imagine how this would look with an ‘I’ve been vaccinate sticker’. 2021 fashion at its finest.

£185, Asos

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