Parents reveal the weirdest requests for Christmas presents they've ever received including a furry aeroplane and frozen roast potatoes

Most likely hidden somewhere in the house, mums and dads will have endured weeks of pestering over what to buy their kids for Christmas.

From the latest games to expensive gadgets, there are still some youngsters that hanker after the simpler things in life.

Proving children’s innocence – and their imagination – is still as strong as ever, parents have shared the strangest present requests they’ve ever received.

Taking to Mumsnet, hundreds of parents have revealed the odd items making their way onto Christmas lists.

One parent said: “When my daughter was little she wanted a rainbow for Christmas.

“A real rainbow. In the house I might add, not outside.”

Weather was a theme, with this little girl saying: “A cloud from DD [darling daughter]. A proper cloud.”

Interesting coloured objects were another theme, with one mum saying: “A pink frog. On their Santa list aged About 3.

“About 5 days before Christmas, so no chance of finding one.”

Another parents said: “Many years ago. A blue digger.”

And simple things mattered to these youngsters, with one person revealing: “Frozen roast potatoes for my 6 year old….”

Another parent said: “My 8 yr old wants post-it notes this year.”

This parent got more than bargained for with this request: “2 years ago my dd [darling daughter] wanted sellotape.

“I'm the kind of person who is all over that sort of wish…..

“For ages I was peeling all sorts of patterned tape off EVERYTHING.”

A wild imagination, this parent said: “My eldest (3) asked DM [darling mother] to bring him back a furry aeroplane from her summer holiday this year.”

Old beyond their years, this child said: “My girl wanted a typewriter when she was five.”

Another added: “When my youngest was about 7 he wanted an easy bake oven!!!!”

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