Parents struggling with homeschooling during coronavirus lockdown share hilarious memes as they battle unruly kids

STRESSED out parents are sharing hilarious memes as they try to homeschool their unruly kids amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

After schools shut across the UK on Friday, mums are now trying to teach their kids at home – with varying degrees of success. 

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From ‘drinking on the job’ to having the house descend into chaos after a few days, these parents are sharing the realities of homeschooling, and it’s all too relatable.

Resorting to Amazon's Alexa and making a class timetable that looks suspiciously like a cleaning rota, are other techniques fed-up mums are using to pass the time. 

And it seems parents are finding out the hard way that it's difficult to discipline your kids when you have no detention, and you can't leave the house.

So if you’re stuck at home with the kids today trying to work out fractions, you’re not alone.

Snack attack

Step up

Read all about it

Getting schooled

Name game

Clean sweep

Class dismissed

Short change


Back chat

Bottoms up

Meanwhile, this mum was in shock after buying 18 loo rolls only for her kids to put them all in the bath.

Plus this little boy wrote a hilarious letter calling coronavirus the 'f word' after his birthday was cancelled.

Meanwhile mums are praising The Works for selling stay at home packages for stressed out parents.

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