People are going wild for my lazy pop-up Christmas tree, but trolls say I’ve sucked all the fun out of the holidays | The Sun

PUTTING up the Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions in Britain. 

While some get into the Christmas spirit as soon as Halloween is over, others prefer to wait for that icy December breeze before digging out the decorations from the loft. 

Once you’ve dusted off your favourite baubles and rifled around for the all-important angel to pop on top of the tree, it’s time to get started.

However, decorating a Christmas tree is no small task – it can take hours to pop your ornaments on each branch and when it’s covered from head-to-toe (and on each side), there’s more to come. 

Don’t forget the glistening tinsel in red, gold, silver and blue to make your tree stand out even more. 

When it’s finally complete, the angel is on top and the wrapped presents are placed safely underneath, it’s time for a cuppa. 

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It’s a seriously exhausting task, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. 

One lazy TikTok user has made the Christmas decorating process an absolute breeze thanks to one simple purchase. 

Barry Magill filmed his partner putting up their new pop-up tree at home – and it took about five seconds. 

He calls his new Christmas tree a ‘game-changer’.

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In the clip, Barry’s partner stands in front of a black tripod with four feet and a tall post which reaches up to her head height. 

She puts what looks like a Christmas-themed throw over the top of the post and carefully lowers it down where it hangs a few inches from the floor.

The pop-up tree has already got fake snow, tinsel and pretty white baubles attached, and it lights up thanks to a connected wire which plugs into the nearest socket. 

Barry is chuffed to bits with his purchase, but other TikTok users say he’s sucked all the fun out of Christmas.

One unimpressed user told Barry his Christmas spirit had ‘gone down the drain’. Meanwhile, others were horrified that he’s missing out on the annual arguments about where to put decorations.

“Nooo this takes the fun out of Christmas,” said one sad viewer.

A second wrote: “Don’t tell me I’m the only one who enjoys decorating a Christmas tree.”

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And a third joked: “It's not Christmas if my husband and I don't fight while decorating. This would take all the fun out of it.”

A final pro-Christmas viewer replied: “What?? no arguments over the right way to put the tree up?? Christmas would be ruined.”

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