People are just realising how to view somebody’s Instagram Stories anonymously & saying it’s perfect for looking up exes | The Sun

DO you ever want to stalk an ex or a friend but don’t want them to know you’ve viewed their Instagram Stories?

A woman has revealed there is an answer and it’s free and simple to do. 

Natalie uploaded a video explaining: “This is how you view someone’s Story without them knowing.

“Basically you view it as a ghost – they will never know you watched it.”

She claims you need to type “Instagram Story viewer” on Google and shared how there are several websites which let you type in someone’s account name.

She said on her @wanderlusqt account: “Just type in any Instagram.

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“I’ve tested this, like I’ve posted a Story and then watched my Story using this tool and then I didn’t see anyone.

“It literally showed up as zero.”

Interestingly, it also means you can view people’s Instagram Story if you are blocked.

Natalie said: “You could still watch their Story if they muted you, and blocking you can watch it.”

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She did offer some warning if you use the tool to stalk people from previous relationships.

The TikToker added: “Note this tool will probably get you even more addicted to this person if you continuously watch their stories anonymously.

“Don't use if you are still healing.”

Her video has racked up over 53,000 likes and people were quick to comment.

One said: “Been doing this for months don't do it guys you'll become addicted, especially if you're trying to go no contact.”

Another added: “i can confirm this site works.”

However, one pointed out: “Can’t do if it their profile is private.”

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