People are just realising what the red cap in Christmas tree lights is for and they can’t believe they never knew | The Sun

HAVE you ever spotted the red caps that cover some Christmas tree lights and wondered what they are for?

The real reason has recently been unveiled by a social media user – and now everyone can’t believe that they didn’t know before.

TikTok user Viz Nelly, aka @viznelly, posted a video on the social media platform, as they said they’d made the discovery in the last few weeks.

@viznelly held one of the red capped lights in their hand, as they said: “I was today years old when I found out what these are for…”

They then explained that if you remove the regular bulb in the lights, you can replace it with the red one.

They then told their followers to wait and see what happened next, as they teased the big reveal. 

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@viznelly then showed how, after a few seconds, the rest of the lights begin to flash, with the red one acting as the ‘blinker bulb’.

Ever since, @viznelly has been inundated with comments from fellow social media followers, who said their minds had been blown by the new knowledge. 

One wrote: “I swear to God this app has taught me more in the last year than I have been alive.”

A second said: “All they had to do was write that somewhere on the box. I wasted so many years not knowing about this.” 

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A third commented: “NGL, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know this.”

As others also shared their disbelief, others said it made perfect sense as lights previously didn’t come with remote controls for settings. 

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One said: “I also learned this today.” 

Another added: “OMG I never knew this.”

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