People are just realizing the correct way to break up a Toblerone – and it's so much easier | The Sun

CHOCOLATE lovers are only just realizing that they've been eating a popular sweet snack the wrong way.

Toblerone chocolate bars with their iconic triangle peaks have gone viral online after people argue over the correct way to eat them.

TikToker Chef Koudy (@chefkoudy) earned himself two million followers by sharing videos of food-related content.

In one of his videos, the social media star reveals that most people eat the chocolate bar incorrectly.

"Do you know Toblerone should be pushed together to break?" he wrote in the caption.

In the clip he starts a new bar showing him breaking off a piece with the newly-found hack.

The chocolate triangle piece breaks off easily as the text in the clip reads: "*eats it the right way*"

He then demonstrates passing it on to a friend to share before the commit the ultimate faux pas.

The friend then breaks off his triangle by grabbing it and pulling it away from the rest of the chocolate block.

As he does this, the text in the video says that he "ruins it."

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Meanwhile, Chef Koudy reacts in shock and horror, covering his face with his hands in disgust.

The video has received over 850,000 likes and has thousands of comments from disagreeing viewers.

One said: "Isn't it the same thing?"

Another said that the hack "changes literally nothing."

Chef Koudy admitted in the comments that he will most likely stick to the traditional way of eating it.

One viewer said: "The second is right" to which he replied: "I feel the same way."

Another brought up the point that by using the so-called correct way, the person ends up touching two pieces of chocolate instead of just the one they are taking.


While many people were shocked to see that there are two ways to eat the chocolate bar, a third way emerged in the comments that further shocked people.

A number of viewers said: "I just bite it" and "Oh…ya'll break it? I eat it with it being a stick."

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Another wrote: "Bro I use to eat the chocolate like I just bite it I never new you were supposed to break it."

The TikToker called them "savage" while other people replied: "I just want to enjoy the chocolate."

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