People are only just discovering the ‘mind-blowing’ real use of paper towel holder | The Sun

YOUR paper towel holder does more than give your roll a home, and the arms on it apparently aren't just there to make it look fancy.

Taking to her TikTok to share thoughts that she usually shares with friends, LeeAnn Larsen schooled viewers on something they didn't know about paper towel holders.

Larsen suspected that the seemingly decorative part of the paper towel holder, one of the arms, was there for more than aesthetic reasons.

In a video testing her theory out, she placed a sheet of paper towel between the two clip-like figures of the holder and was able to pull the sheet off with no effort.

People in the comments were astonished by the revolutionary find.

"I can't even find the words to explain how much my mind is blown," one user wrote.

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"So that actually had a function. Huh," another added.

"What the actual… I’m almost 40 and just now learning this?!" someone exclaimed.

Someone struck a comparison: "It's like the doohiky at the grocery store for the plastic produce bags."

"How DARE they not explain this on the packaging," one user joked.

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Another jokester added: "I literally am not living the right way. Am I even breathing right??"

And someone compared it to a common office item: "It’s literally a giant paper clip."

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