People are realising how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew & it'll be a total life saver at your garden parties | The Sun

TIKTOK users have shared a genius way of opening a wine bottle when you can't find a corkscrew – and it's so easy.

We've all been there – your guests are waiting for the booze to arrive but no matter how hard you're looking for it, the corkscrew seems to be missing.

Luckily, savvy social media fans have come up an an easy hack to ensure your garden parties are top tier this summer.

The game-changer of a trick was shared online by Tyrese, from the US, who had first seen it on TikTok.

For this, she revealed in her video, you only need two items – a knife and a fork.

Tyrese, who posts under the username @ty.ree.suh, said: ''I didn't have a wine opener.

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''I learned on TikTok that if you stab the cork with a knife and you use a fork to turn it around, it will open the wine bottle.

''Look at how easy it is – this is the best thing ever.''

Amazed by how easy it was, the young woman joked that she won't use any other internet sources for information and tricks.

''I son’t [don't even use Google anymore, I love it here,'' Tyrese added in the caption.

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''THANK YOU TIKTOK,'' she praised whoever was behind the life-changing trick.

Shared earlier this week, the clip has already gone viral, racking up close to a million views.

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Hundreds flocked to comments, where one suggested an alternative.

''Also you can use a lighter & heat the top & the cork will come out…or am I wrong?!''

''Ooooh! I've had 2 wine openers die on me, so definitely good to know,'' another was impressed.

''Omgggg! Saving for later,'' a third was also grateful Tyrese had shared the clip online.

Meanwhile, someone else wasn't entirely convinced, writing: ''Only do this with a rubber cork!!!!

''The wooden ones will break on you 100%.''

''why didn’t i see this yesterday,'' a social media user cried.

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