People are selling unwanted Christmas presents online and they’re still wrapped – do recognise any of your cast offs?

WE’VE all received gifts we’re not too keen on – but usually we wind up throwing them in a cupboard and never looking at them again.

Some people, however, have decided to take their unwanted gifts and turn them into extra cash.

A variety of sellers on eBay are selling Christmas gifts that they don’t want, and many of them are still wrapped.

The sellers can’t specify what’s in the gifts as they’re unopened, but they will usually say whether the gifts are more suitable for men or for women.

The scheme is, in many ways, a win-win: people can buy Christmas gifts pre-wrapped at a discounted rate and sellers can get rid of unwanted clutter. 

In some cases, you could buy six pre-wrapped gifts, containing things like toiletries, for just £21.99.

Some are unwrapped, so the seller can show exactly what they got for Christmas before selling them at a discounted price.

Many classic Christmas gifts appear in these listings. For example, one man received eight different body wash sets and we can’t blame him for choosing to sell them on.

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Another seller specified they were selling women’s gifts, and that the package would contain gift sets, toiletries, fragrances and more. 

So, if you’re looking for stocking-fillers or something for your work secret santa, these eBay sales could be golden. 

Some sellers make promises about what’s in their gift bundles, just so buyers know that while the gifts were unwanted, they’re not rubbish.



To find these gift bundles, simply search ‘unwanted Christmas gifts’ on eBay and you could be finished Christmas shopping in no time. 

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