Pregnant Hilary Duff Sported an Adorable Birthday Headband in Sweet Throwback Photo

Hilary Duff’s birthday was back in September, but the Younger star let her 16 million Instagram followers know that she was feeling nostalgic by posting a throwback photo of her birthday celebration. In the photo, Duff wore a ruffled floral-print dress, gumball-drop earrings, and a rainbow headband that spelled out “It’s My Birthday.” The cute, colorful headband looked exactly like Lizzie McGuire would have worn, so naturally, we needed to learn more.

And that’s how we discovered that Duff was wearing the Talking Tables Rain Rainbow It’s My Birthday Headband, which is just $17 on Amazon. The headband is gold-plated with multicolored lettering that playfully invites everyone’s attention. According to Amazon shoppers, the headband is sturdy, comfortable, and well-made, so it’s no wonder Duff had such a radiant smile on her face while she was wearing it.

Buy It! Talking Tables Rain Rainbow It’s My Birthday Headband, $17;

What’s so great about the Duff-approved hair accessory is that you can buy it once, then bring it out every year to celebrate your big day. Unlike paper hats, the headband is reusable, and it’s eye-catching enough to keep the focus on Zoom parties and FaceTime calls. You can pick one up for yourself, or send it to someone you know whose birthday is coming up. Or you can be like Duff, who is leading the charge to normalize posting about your birthday any time of year.

The brand behind the cheerful headband is Talking Tables, and its Rainbow Party Line has matching garlands, cake toppers, plates, cups, and streamers. Several items from the line are currently sold out, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the headband is next to go.

Shop the Duff-approved Talking Tables birthday headband today — even if it isn’t your birthday for months.

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