Primark is selling a dupe of MAC’s Christmas lipstick collection featuring 10 shades – but it’s £53 cheaper

Well stop what you're doing beauty fans and get down to your nearest Primark as a matter of urgency.

Yes, the bargain store is currently flogging a set of 10 must-have lipsticks for just £12.

From everyday nudes to vibrant cherry reds, this essential set of super matte formulas is pretty much all we're going to be wearing this festive season.

And for only £1.20 each, we can't get enough of the dreamy selection of colours.

What's more, the bargain set of Primark lippies are a total dupe of MAC's super pricey Christmas lipstick collection.


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Featuring the exact same number and similar shades of nudes, pinks and bold reds, Primark's £12 lipstick vault is a total beauty deadringer for the MAC Christmas 2018 shades.

And for a super chic added touch, the lipstick bullets even match the colour of the shade inside. Sold.

But there is just one notable difference: MAC's set of 10 lipsticks is a whopping £53 more expensive than Primark's purse-friendly offerings.

We know which one we'll be investing in this festive season…

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