Prince Harry has been 'grumpy, sad and bad-tempered' since marrying Meghan Markle, royal expert claims

PRINCE Harry has been "grumpy, sad and bad-tempered" since he married Meghan Markle almost two years ago, a royal expert has claimed.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, The Sun's royal correspondent Emily Andrews said Prince Harry was on "good form" yesterday as he appeared at the Rugby League World Cup draw in Buckingham Palace.

Describing how the Duke of Sussex looked noticeably happier yesterday, Emily said it looked as though "the weight of the world had gone from his shoulders."

Since Harry and Meghan released their shocking announcement that they were "stepping down" as senior members of the Royal Family last week, the Duke has been locked in crisis talks.

The expert continued: "I don't think he particularly wanted to go into the garden of Buckingham Palace to be presented with the royal press core but I definitely think he seemed as if things were going better for him."

What's more, Emily claims that Harry's cheery disposition yesterday made a welcome change from how he's acted during royal engagements since he married Meghan Markle in May 2018.

She continued: "Certainly over the last 18 months or two years, we've seen him really grumpy, sad, and bad-tempered."

During the couple's royal tour in October 2019, footage emerged of the Duke scolding a television reporter – hours before it was announced they were taking legal action against the Mail on Sunday for publishing extracts of a letter Meghan had written to her father Thomas Markle.

Emily added: "If we get an announcement from the Palace today about the future of Harry and Meghan, perhaps whatever is decided will make him and his wife happy.

"Ultimately, no wants anyone to be unhappy – and he certainly seems to have been unhappy recently."

Royal expert Rebecca English has also revealed that Prince Harry comforted her during a royal tour of Nepal in 2016 when she was visibly upset seeing children with severe burns at a time when her own son was suffering from ill health.

In a personal essay for the Daily Mail, Rebecca described how "tears began streaming down [her face] in front of the Prince – who called her later that night to praise her for being "incredibly professional."

She wrote: "Needless to say, I was deeply touched. Four months later, her met his future wife. And the truth is, we have barely exchanged a word since."

The expert also claims that Harry "scowled" at her when she congratulated him on Meghan's pregnancy during the couple's Australia tour in 2018.

However, the expert argues that the Duke has "never worn the mantle of royalty easily"and that although "Meghan is the catalyst for recent events, Harry was perfectly capable of walking away from the Royal Family on his own."

Last week, The Sun's royal photographer Arthur Edwards claimed Prince Harry is "just doing what he is told" by Meghan Markle – and noted a similar change in the Duke's behaviour towards the press on royal tours.

Appearing on Good Morning Britian, Arthur said: "I'm sad he is going because working with Harry has been a joy.

"Every tour I've ever been on with him has been fun. He makes it fun, he's a lovely character. I think it's sad we won't see much more of him."

"Normally at the end of a tour with Harry we'd go to the pub, all have a drink and have a chat with him and he'd pay the bill.

"And now suddenly at the end of tour they issue writs. That to me was them saying they were desperate to get away from it all."

Following a summit at her Sandringham estate earlier this week, The Queen released a statement in which she said the family had "very constructive discussions" about Harry and Meghan's future and she had asked for "final decisions to be reached in the coming days."

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