Prince William made this sweet promise to Kate Middleton before their wedding – and he's kept it to this day

But Prince William was determined to make the transition easier for Kate Middleton, by making her a sweet promise before their wedding in 2011.

Kate, now 36, is known for being close to her parents Carole and Michael, sister Pippa and brother James.

According to reports, William assured his wife-to-be that she wouldn't have to leave her loved ones behind when she joined the Royal Family.

In Amazon Prime documentary Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor, Vanity Fair's Katie Nicholl explains how the couple broke the mould.

She says: "Once you married into the Royal Family, you became a Windsor and that was that. Well, it was different when Kate and William got married.

"When William asked Kate to marry him, he made it very clear that she wouldn't have to leave her family behind her once she married into his family.

"He promised her that they'd always stay a part of the family and they have done.

"Whether it's joining the Queen at Ascot or being on an important barge within the Queen's fleet at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, they've been there."

It's true – Kate's family have attended many public events alongside the Royal Family.

In 2016, the Middletons joined the Queen and Prince Philip for a WW1 memorial service in Sandringham.

And when Pippa married James Matthews in May 2017, Prince Harry watched them exchange vows.

Harry later returned the favour, inviting Kate's entire family to his and Meghan Markle's nuptials.

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