Queen Camilla makes unusual tweak to her trademark look at Order of the Garter

Queen Camilla, 75, has been open in the past about her dislike for high heels. The Queen told The Daily Mail in 2017: “That’s just one thing I have to accept. I’ve gone down to two inches – can’t do any more!”

However, at today’s Order of the Garter, Queen Camilla could be seen wearing glitzy gold high heels, which looked a little taller than two inches.

She appeared to pair these shoes with a long white dress underneath her robes that shows she is a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter.

In addition, Camilla opted to wear her everyday pearl earrings which she wore on her wedding day to King Charles in 2005.

The earrings are clip-on jewels because the Queen does not have her ears pierced, and she wears them frequently at most royal outings.

In an interview with British Vogue last year, Queen Camilla, 75, verified the long-standing rumour that her ears aren’t pierced.

She commented: “The grandchildren will try to persuade me, but nothing’s going to pierce my ears.”

Since the Queen often only really wears these pearl earrings to royal engagements, this was something that many of her fans had long suspected.

Since her 2005 nuptials, the Queen has worn these pearl earrings almost exclusively and very few others, leading some fans to believe that she was wearing clip-on earrings instead of real pearl jewellery all along.

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The earrings worn by Queen Camilla at the Order of the Garter today feature a pierced round pearl pendant suspended from elaborate silver-toned discs.

It appears the top piece may contain some form of stone, though it is difficult to determine.

When Camilla wears these earrings, royal admirers cannot see the top of them, making it twice as difficult to see the details.

They are usually hidden by the Queen’s unique blonde hairstyle, but they can be identified by the round pearls that are just visible underneath.

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She currently dons these earrings for the majority of her engagements, as well as ceremonial events like today.

These earrings could signify the Queen’s entry into the Royal Family as she wore them at her wedding day, therefore probably are very important.

Although it has never been confirmed, this could imply that the jewels were a wedding gift from either her future husband or the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Camilla joined the Princess Royal and Princess of Wales today as a Royal Knight of the Order of the Thistle, Scotland’s highest order of chivalry, in honour of the first parade of the King’s reign.

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