Rich Kids of Instagram’s most obnoxious posts of all time – including torching a £100k Mercedes G-Wagen to wiping their bums with £50 notes – The Sun

THEY’RE privileged, rolling in money and certainly like to show it off online.

The Rich Kids of Instagram certainly don’t hold back when it comes to flaunting their super cars, Rolex collections and yachts – but is this the most outrageous batch of photos yet?

The obnoxious collection includes a pampered youngster who has lined their toilet seat with £50 notes so they don’t have to come into contact with it.

And forget a humble family game of Monopoly, one Rich Kid has mocked those who play for pretend money by lining their board with real notes and expensive watches.

Were you proud of your first car? One wealthy teen shows off car keys on every finger – include two Ferraris.

Meanwhile, one teen mocks other kids by sharing their “back to school” transport is a private jet.

In another picture a teen appears to have flushed his Rolex down the toilet as it wasn’t the one he wanted.

And one spoilt Rich Kid is holding a wad of cash, and has added the caption: “Let’s go help the peasants”.

Of course the OTT collection wouldn’t be complete without a sickening amount of flashy designer presents, luxury shopping bags and champagne on tap.

We previously shared how a millionaire’s son, 24, who only wears Versace, spends £20k on holidays and has a maid shocks skint mum after asking what a colander is.

And a Rich Kid, 18, who splashes £6k A MONTH on eating out thinks it’s ‘insane’ benefits family only have £50 a week to spend on food on Rich Kids Go Skint.

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