Royal baby Archie’s name is a ‘tribute to mum Meghan’ as it’s a near-anagram of her real moniker Rachel, say fans

ROYAL FANS are convinced that Archie is a secret tribute to his mum Meghan Markle.

They have suggested that the royal baby's first name is a near-anagram of her real moniker Rachel.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that their baby's name – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor – earlier this week shortly after introducing him to the world, many have been speculating about their inspiration.

Her pals believe that he was named after Meghan's former pet cat and a vintage US comic.

But others on social media have suggested that 'Archie' is actually a sweet tribute to the 37-year-old former actress.

Despite assuming her middle name 'Meghan', her real first name given by her parents when she was born is actually Rachel.

Twitter users pointed out that 'Archie' contains all the same letters as Rachel except 'i' which could also pass for an 'l' – making it an almost-anagram.

One person wrote: "Archie is nearly an anagram of Rachel, Meghan’s real first name #royalbaby #ArchieWindsor"

Another commented: "I was wondering, may it be that he brings homage to both parents in his name? Harrison sounds like "son of Harry", Archie could be an attempted anagram of Meghan's first name which is Rachel (actually, "Meghan" is her middle name). If so it's a sweet choice, don't you think?"

A third shared: "Actually, I think Archie might be an anagram based on Meghan's first name, Rachel, and, thus, quite feminist. #BabySussex"

Rachel is also famously the name of Meghan's character in TV show Suits – Rachel Zane.

It has also been pointed out that Harrison sounds a lot like 'Harry's son'.

Another theory is that Archie was inspired by cousin Prince George.

Earlier this year, Harry's five-year-old nephew told a dog walker in Berkshire that his nickname is 'Archie'.

When asked about her firstborn this week, Meghan said: "I have the two best guys in the world so I'm really happy."

Earlier this week, we told you how Meghan Markle's son Archie will become a prince when his grandfather Charles is king.

We also revealed how the Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy "cost £800,000" with a glam wardrobe, A-list baby shower and nursery refurb.

And her baby isn't the first biracial royal with Lady Davina Windsor already having mixed-raced children.

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