Savvy mum decorates her Christmas tree in just five minutes thanks to cling film trick, but not everyone’s a fan

A MUM has revealed how she decorates her Christmas tree in minutes with the help of cling film.

Jane Day saves hours of fetching, unpacking and arranging every December by sealing the tree, tinsel, lights and baubles in plastic.

A hilarious video shows Jane, 50, from Bristol, using a pair of scissors to carefully cut away the cling film.

All that is left to do is pull the tree back into its proper shape, plug in, and switch on.

The ultimate seasonal time-saver was filmed by Jane's son, Jack, who posted the clip on Twitter.

Jack, 20, also from Bristol, wrote: “As if my mum wraps up the Christmas trees every year so she doesn’t have to decorate them.”

Jack’s video has been viewed by almost 500,000 people with over 25,000 likes and nearly 200 comments.

The short clips an artificial Christmas tree wrapped in plastic that is already decorated with ribbons and white bobbles.

It then shows Jack’s mum cutting the plastic carefully with a pair of scissors.

A voice can be heard saying in the clip: “You are such a genius, aren't you? Make sure you don’t cut the ribbon”.

@WestEndCorner wrote under Jack’s post: “Brilliant idea. Why has nobody thought of this sooner?”

@sophieLJB added: “Genius.”

@DNsilent said: “F*** what everyone else says. Your mum is a genius.”

@Abirobertson wrote: “Absolute pioneer.”

Although, some users criticised the video as it ruined the fun of it all.

@kittywm1 commented: “This is not how Christmas is done, I do not condone this behaviour.”

@daniluvsuall wrote: “But decorating the tree with Christmas music on is the best bit.”

@lokita_rika added: “Takes all the fun and spirit out of it.”

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