Savvy mum shares how she has made her kids an outdoor station ready for summer with sun cream and snacks

A SAVVY mum has shown how she has made an outdoor station for her kids ready for summer which includes snacks and sun cream.

TikTok user Shannon Doherty shared how she has a mini gazebo dedicated to her four children.

She shared a video to her @athomewithshannon account giving a mini tour around the incredible area.

Inside the tent is ice cold water, sun cream, sun hats, hair brush and detangler and fresh fruit. 

The lucky children are also treated to chilled wash clothes with cucumber slices. 

And the family, who live in America, are also fortunate enough to have a pool, so the mum has provided drawers for swimming costumes and goggles too.

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Shannon uploaded the clip with the caption “LET’S SET UP A *SUMMER STATION*” and it has racked up over 35,000 views.

Many people were highly impressed with the idea of an outdoor station, with one saying: “I love this hack.”

Another added: “Oooh such a great idea.”

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