Scummy mummies who have let themselves go in lockdown need to up their game – their husbands are talking to ME now

WITH it nearing a year since the UK went into lockdown, many of us will have slipped into a uniform of comfy joggers and our makeup bags have suffered serious neglect.

But one glamorous mum is warning “scummy mummies” to up their game in the looks department for the sake of their marriage.

Carla Bellucci, 38, from Hitchin, Herts, has earned thousands selling saucy snaps to desperate blokes on her Only Fans account where she is in the top eight per cent of creators.

And the mum, who previously blagged a free NHS nose job by faking depression, says she has received a surge of interest from married blokes since the pandemic hit.

In an exclusive chat with Fabulous, Carla says:  “A lot of the men subscribing to my channel are married men, I have the proof.

“I regularly get messages telling me that they’re b**ging their wives thinking about me, they’re not afraid to admit it.

“Even I was quite shocked and it takes a lot to shock me.”

But rather than blaming the blokes for having a wandering eye, Carla says it’s their wives fault.

“Women have let themselves go”, Carla says.

“I hate to say it because I’m a girl’s girl but women just give up on their looks as soon as they have children or get married.

“They were never like that before, they used to be gorgeous but as soon as they’re married the smock top comes out.

“This is why the men are perving on the women who do look after themselves. I’m not perfect but I do take care of myself.

“These women don’t need to do anything drastic like have surgery,  I’m saying ‘wash your hair, wash your face, take your top knot down’ just make an effort!

“No wonder their men look around!”

Being a mum-of-three, Carla says that looking after the kids is no excuse to stop dolling yourself up.

“I’ve got three kids” she says, “I’ve been taking care of them on my own since they were all under the age of seven. 

“When I got divorced, I still managed to wash my hair, look good and have a social life.

“Look at Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and J Lo they’re all mums and they look amazing.”

And while Carla understands that there is no need to be dressed to the nines while working from home you can still put in a bit of effort.

“It’s got so much worse in lockdown” she says, “If you’re going to put your loungewear on, put your cute loungewear on.

“These women walk around like they’re zombies, you have to pull yourself together, it’s good for your mental health as well.

“I get all sorts of hate from these women but at the end of the day their husbands are making me rich.”

But while Carla is raking in the cash from selling her saucy pics, she does have some choice words of wisdom for fellow mums.

She says: “I suggest that these women get themselves some nice underwear to stop their blokes from straying because that’s what they’re paying me for.

“There’s a reason they’re looking elsewhere – these men are deprived because their wives look diabolical.”

Carla says that her sympathy lies with the husbands, and doesn’t feel guilty because she’s doing them a “favour.”

“I don’t feel bad for these women, it’s nothing to do with me, it’s not on my conscience” she says.

“If you can’t keep your man happy that’s not my problem.

“These women get into a rut and make no effort, and these men get horny and they need to see someone who looks cute.

“These women need to stop worrying about things like the housework and put a little bit more effort into themselves.

“I feel sorry for these husbands but it is working in my favour.”

And she isn’t wrong about that, with Carla estimating that she has made £40,000 selling snaps to horny husbands.

Single mum Carla, whose eldest child doesn't live with them, previously argued mums need to put themselves first – in order to stop their men straying.

She says: “I think mums who spoil their kids and don’t spend money on themselves normally let themselves go.

"That’s why they end up divorced and their fellas stray. No one wants a scummy mummy, you have to work at looking good and mums who spoil their kids don’t.

"That won't happen to me.”

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