Seller leaves ‘presents’ hidden all over the house for the next owner – but people are outraged by the makeover

WHEN you buy your first home you usually update the décor, but one person is going to be forced to give their whole house a new paint job after the seller left ‘presents’ on the wall. 

The outgoing owner decided to paint various characters from SpongeBob Squarepants all over the house, and people are suitably horrified at the makeover. 

A clip was shared to Reddit, showing the seller walking through the house – showing off their creative skills. 

By the skirting boards are various cartoon showing Patrick Star, Fred the Fish mopping, and a cockroach eating a krabby patty.

And rather than fun stickers, the artwork looks suspiciously like paint. 

Uploading the video online, the poster said: “Person just sold their house and is leaving some little presents for the next owners.” 

Hundreds of people commented on the post in outrage, with some pointing out it would be hard to match the paint shade. 

One person wrote: “Oooooohhh I hope these are stickers because most people wouldn't be happy about those painted on.”

Someone else thought: “And very removable stickers too. From experience I can say that not all stickers will leave the paint untarnished when removed, or can be removed at all.”

A third said: “Yeah if I bought a place I wouldn't want something painted in that doesn't need to be. I'm not a fan of Spongebob either so I'd be twice as annoyed.”

This person commented: “I’d be p****d, because who knows if you can find an exact shade match for the wall. Having to repaint it all would suck.”

While someone else wrote: “Imagine saving up all your money to buy a house and it's got little cartoon characters everywhere that u didn't know about.”

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