Sexpert reveals the ‘disturbing reason women don’t want sex’ and how to boost your love life

A SEXPERT has revealed the "disturbing" reason women don't want sex – so can you relate?

Writing for, Sydney-based Nadia Bokody reflected on her career as a columnist – and all the slut-shaming she's experienced since daring to admit she enjoys sex.

Nadia says women are encouraged to tone down their sexuality, for fear of how men will treat them – leading to the myth of the low female libido.

She explained: "Women have been taught to repress this side of ourselves.

"And some of us get so good at smothering our desire, we ultimately manage to extinguish it."

Sound familiar? So what can be done to boost our sex lives?

Nadia said: "The best thing you can do to reignite your libido, is schedule in regular self-pleasure sessions."

Some women have spent so long ignoring their sexual signals, they don't even know what they feel like, but a masturbation can help you get acquainted with your body.

Nadia compares self-pleasure to working out in the gym, boosting your desire like you'd grow muscles from lifting weights.

The good news? It's a lot more enjoyable.

Nadia previously claimed "cheating is as natural as breathing" as she urged women not to punish their blokes forever.

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