Shopper nabs £4 bag in TK Maxx mega sale, but people can't believe the original price tag

A SHOPPER managed to get their hands on a stylish bag for just £4 in the TK Maxx mega sale, but people can't believe the original price tag.

The store is known for its bargains, and one woman grabbed herself a great deal after she picked up a stylish handbag for less than a fiver.

The eagle eyed shopper shared snaps of the blue and cream bag to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, showing the price sticker. 

She said: “Found this river island bag in tk maxx clearance sale.” 

The store had a recommended retail price of £125 for the River Island bag, and it had a series of sale stickers on it showing it was discounted to £6, then just £4.

But shoppers couldn't believe the recommended retail price, saying it was way too high.

Hundreds of people have liked the shopper's post while questioning the original price, with one person saying: “£4 is a bargain but can’t believe the RRP price is £125.”

Another wrote: "Rrp £125 for river island yea right."

A third commented: “RRP £125 I don’t think so good bargain though.” 

Another shopper shared: "I got this one and it was not £125 but you had a good deal."

While this person said: "Rrp £125? River Island has gone up in price!"

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