Smart mum reveals the speedy way to blow up your inflatables for the summer with a hairdryer and everyday plastic bottle – The Sun

WITH summer upon us many parents will be faced with the dreaded task of blowing up the inflatables.

Whether it’s a paddling pool or a pool float the chore is enough to leave you light headed.

But now a mum has revealed a genius hack for inflating things, and you won’t need to splash out on an electric pump.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains, run by money saving mum Holly Smith, the savvy parent revealed that all you need is a hairdryer and a plastic bottle.

She shared a snap of how she had cut the bottle in half before attaching the capped end to the hairdryer.

Then, emphasising the importance of using the cool setting, she was able to inflate her family paddling pool in under a minute sharing a snap of her Labrador posing inside it.

Captioning the snaps she wrote: “Save yourself some pennies on an expensive pump… Cut the top off a juice bottle and use your hairdryer (make sure it’s on a cool setting obviously)!

“Pumped up my pool in less than 30 seconds.”

And her post has since received over 3,000 likes and over a thousand comments from fellow parents thanking her for the tip.

“Could have done with this last year hahaha” wrote one.

Another added: “Happy days there’s are pump sorted for holidays may go get that unicorn inflatable now.”

Agreeing a third said: “I will be trying this… guess who didn't buy a pump last year when they bought the paddling pool.”

“Bought the pump today, where was this post yesterday” said another.

The hack is sure to come in handy with a whole range of inflatables available on the high street.


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