Stacey Solomon pre-peels potatoes for the week on Sunday and shares handy hack to stop them going brown

STACEY Solomon has revealed she preps her veggies for the whole week on a Sunday – and leaves her spuds in water so they don’t go brown.

The mum-of-three shared her Sunday routine on her Instagram stories, saying she likes to get all the peeling and chopping out of the way at the beginning of the week. 

She said: “This always takes so long, I’m going to finish after this one.

“But it’s soo worth it not to have to peel or chop anything for the rest of the week.” 

The Loose Women panellist neatly sorts all her vegetables into labelled containers for the fridge, including ‘soup’, ‘vegetables’, ‘fruit’, ‘cheese’ and ‘salad’. 

And she also divides up ingredients into boxes labelled with the days of the week – all the way up until Friday. 

But after sharing her monster prep session online, people questioned whether the food would last that long. 

Fans quizzed the mum over how she keeps her potatoes fresh, asking if she soaks them.

The former X-Factor star revealed: “I only leave my potatoes in water because they go brown in a matter of hours otherwise, the rest is ok.”

And responding to others who questioned whether the veggies would last until Friday, she said "well yes and no".

But she shared her tip to ensure it all gets eaten. 

The mum added: "By Friday it’s all pretty discoloured and limp but still good enough to eat so whatever is left gets chucked in a pot, boiled and blended into mouldy veg soup.

“Sometimes it’s all eaten by Wednesday so freezer sandwiches it is.”

And the mum also revealed how she makes her bed in the morning using Primark scatter cushions.

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