‘Tacky’ bride mocked for pizza-themed wedding idea and she even wants to wear a pepperoni print DRESS

A BRIDE has been labelled "tacky" for her plan to throw a pizza-themed wedding, complete with a pepperoni print dress.

The engaged lass took to Facebook to ask for help finding a dress to match her "elegant" theme.

She wrote: "So we had a LONG discussion on theme/topic – we're scraping the Punk Zombie and going all in with Pizza.

"We are head over heels in love with it! With cheesy puns included and pizza cutter favors of course!"

Explaining her decision to switch from the equally baffling 'Punk Zombie' theme, she said: "Pizza is more vast and open for elevating to elegance.

"But… I have 1 issue my dress!?!?! I've see a good bit of dresses and they are either VERY casual or a fashion runway exclusive.

"I was debating on if I should have pizza print on me or hubby or if we should wear a pizza color but Im so lost for words on how formal to go.

"Im a crafty girl so I did see a pizza blanket…maybe I could make a cloak out of it? Idk (I don't know) help? Pic of dresses found.

"PS- Please no judgment. Pizza is important to our relationship and our childhood.

"Both our families held pizza night as a weekly tradition which we are passing onto our kids."

But her request for no judgement was ignored by one friend, who shared the idea on a Wedding Shaming group.

She wrote: "I can't with this. Tacky tacky tacky. You scrapped the punk zombie theme GOOD, you chose a pizza theme instead BAD".

Commenting on the post, one woman said: "Big yikes".

Another shamer commented: "Wow!! I get it’s important. My sis and I reminisce about our Friday night pizza tradition but come on!!

"Use it at the reception somehow this is just ridiculous… this is just ugly and stupid".

While a third mocked: "I love that she said that the pizza theme could still convey elegance… yep looking like a pizza is the equivalent of a black tie wedding".

And one bride-to-be slated: "Boy. If I even remotely recommended this.. my fiance would leave. Pizza belongs on paper plates. Not a WEDDING.. unless it's at the afterparty."

While one pizza-loving lass said the theme was missing the entire point.

She wrote: "I think a pizza dress misses the point by a mile (not to mention is ugly) – if I were them I would just throw the biggest pizza party for their reception, or order in for a late night snack / goodnight kiss.

"There are even pizza oven food trucks where they make pizzas to order. People don’t wanna look at pizza they want to eat it."

But one lady felt the shamers were being unfair.

She said: "I honestly don't see the problem. It makes them happy. It's important to them. They are in love with it.

"Is only a boring vanilla cake with boring butter cream and a boring white expensive dress the only thing that's allowed?"

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