Takeaway-obsessed woman jokes she’ll ‘get fat on kebabs’ to delivery driver… then is shocked when he TEXTS her a reply

A WOMAN who told a takeaway delivery driver she was worried about getting fat received a text from him just moments later.

Shannon Charnick was shocked to pick up her mobile to find a text message after finishing her kebab.

She took to Twitter where she shared screenshots of the message she received.

It said: “You got me worried about what you said about getting fat. Don’t worry you are not fat. Hope you are ok.”

Captioning her tweet, Shannon wrote: “I ordered food from the kebab (again) and when the delivery man come to my door I said omg I’m gunna get so fat and then he text me this (sic)”

Her tweet has since gone viral, amassing over 523,000 likes and 25,000 replies with many warned Shannon to be careful.

“I once had a Dominos delivery bloke hounding me by text,” one user warned.

Another revealed: “I once had a pizza delivery guy start phoning me and texting me asking me to my lover because I said Happy Valentines Day when I was paying.

“I laughed about it but was actually pretty shaken up.”

Another concerned user added: “Bit worried he’s got her number. If it would have been me I’d have said she wasn’t fat next time I delivered her kebab.”

While one male user suggested: “He wouldn’t have text me if I’d said the same. There’s only one reason he texted you…”

Others, however, leapt to his defence.

“The fact he checked on you is so kind,” one woman responded. “The world needs more people like him.”

Another person said: “This is a sweet thing for him to say. It’s good to help others.”

And it seems that Shannon was far from shaken up herself, later responding to her messages, “F*** me, I only wanted to share that my delivery driver was nice.”

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