Tamara Ecclestone reveals she STILL sleeps with daughter Fifi and the five-year-old even has her own bed in her parents’ room

The Formula One heiress was responding to a recent story about a mum who co-sleeps with her three children under the age of six in a Now! magazine guest column.

Praising the co-sleeping mum for her honesty, Tamara wrote: "Good for her! Obviously Fifi still sleeps in my bed so I'm all for it and I think everyone should just do what they need to do to get a good night's sleep."

But while the mum-of-one has always been a fan of co-sleeping, the 34-year-old has now revealed that she's bought her daughter her own bed to keep in her and her husband Jay's room.

Tamara added: "Fifi does have her own bed in our room. So it's there when she wants to get into it."

The mum-of-one also confessed that her and her sister slept in their mother's bed when they were children.

She wrote: "Me and my sister actually slept in our mum's bed till we were older than Fifi, so it's kind of the norm and it doesn't bother me or Jay.

"They grow up so quickly; one day I'll miss all this!"

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital last November, Tamara revealed that her family's bedroom was her favourite room in her £70m Kensington mansion.

She said: "We have a huge bed and the three of us sleep in there and also the dogs come up on the bed and we watch movies, it’s super comfy."

However, the mum insisted that co-sleeping hasn't affected her sex life with business consultant husband Jay Rutland, 37.

She added: "There’s more than one bed in this house, and you don’t always need a bed (to have sex).

“As soon as Sophia’s asleep Jay and I go and watch a movie, have dinner, sometimes we’ll go out for dinner.

"I’m really lucky that he wants the same things and he enjoys having her there, it would be really tricky if he was against it.

“But me and him are on the same page and he knows it won’t last forever, so for now we’re just going to enjoy it."

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