Teledildonics are the new trend in sex toys – and can help long distance lovers stay intimate

We Vibe, a Canadian sex toy company has a range of vibrators using teledildonic technologym which works via your phone.

And the extensive range has something for both straight and gay couples.

They're all built to work with their We-Connect app (although you can also use them solo if you wish to).

The app is available on most up-to-date smartphones and works as a controller for your sex toy of choice.

They are available in Ann Summers here in the UK but long-distance loving doesn't come cheap.

  • Sync by We Vibe, Ann Summers, £179, buy now

Through the app, partners are able to sync up their devices and even video call each other for some intimate fun.

Bill Greg, writing for Whimn talked about his experience using the device when his partner was away with work on the other side of the country.

He explains that he We-Connect app allowed him to video chat his girlfriend as well as control all speeds and pulsations of her vibrator by a "discreet pinching motion".

There are number of different modes to choose from – vibrate, pulse, wave, echo, tide, crest, bounce, surf, peak and cha-cha-cha.

  • We-Vibe Verge Perineum Massage Cock Ring, Ann Summers, £90, buy now

The devices are also fully waterproof and re-chargeable with a simple USB cable.

Bill added that he was even able to sync up the app vibrations to music: "We could also switch to Beat mode, which tapped into your music library for a sense of the required rhythm and groove.

"Turns out Baby Got Back was a winner".

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