The 'Amazon coat' we all want

Move over, Canada Goose. There’s a new “it” jacket in town — a $130 padded parka that won’t break the bank.

“It’s great-looking, it’s the right price, it’s super warm and I love that it’s adjustable,” Broadway actress Katie Kreisler told The Post of her “Amazon coat” — as fans are calling the garment, because most buy it from the online retail giant.

Kreisler, currently in “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” was inspired to buy her army-green version two months ago.

“All the teachers at my daughter’s preschool were wearing it,” she said. “But I had no idea it was sweeping the nation.”

It is. Made by Orolay — a Chinese company that otherwise produces cabinets and folding chairs — the coat first took off with chic Upper East Side women last winter, thanks to its copious pockets, stylish slouchy fit and bargain price.

But this season it has become even more ubiquitous. There’s even an Instagram account (@theamazoncoat) devoted to photos of ladies wearing it.

“I’ll at least count 30 a day [on the subway and streets],” said Jaynèe Mitchell, a health and fitness coach based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

She first spotted the coat on a client on the Upper East Side.

“I assumed it was going to cost $1,500,” said Mitchell, 45.

But when she found out otherwise, Mitchell ordered one on the spot. Now she wears it every day — as do her clients, who have shed their more expensive Moncler and Mr & Mrs Italy outerwear for the Orolay.

“They say it’s warmer than their other coats,” she said. “They wear it with their Birkin bags.”

Despite its popularity, the coat — which can also be purchased directly from the label online — has retained its allure.

“Normally, I don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing,” said NY1 traffic anchor Jamie Stelter, 37, who bought the army-green version last month. “But I feel like [the coat] is a badge of honor, because it was such a good deal.”

“It makes me kind of smug,” she said. “I’ll see a girl in a Canada Goose jacket and think, ‘I can have eight of these for that.’ ”

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